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Going on a motorcycle tour with SEAAT means much more than just following a tour guide – it is a travel and carefree vacation on two wheels.  We want you to get off your bike at the end of a riding day with a big smile across your face, thats when we know we did everything right. These humble moments prove that we truly deliver the best ride there is!  We care for you. Travel is synonymous with quality, realibility, expertise and know-how.

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We have created motorbike vacations since 2014, for everyone and almost everywhere, well in Malaysia and Asian region mostly: for the adventurous souls, explorers, epicures and those who simply enjoy the comfort of a guided motorbike getaways.

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here's what seaat can offer you

Rent from our fleet of motorcycle to spoil your choices including riding gears and insurance.

Tour planning, selection of routes, accommodation and scouting of routes for your best sightseeing venues .


4 wheels tours


For your exciting personal or family getaway.


Route/Trip Documentation

Printed papers contains all important information for preparation and tour; with hotel list and GPS data: road book for all riding days of tour containing daily routes, highlights, sightseeing information and GPS coordinates (where available)


Tour planning, selection of routes according to your hearts desire. We will scout the routes just before the departure dates and select the best sightseeing venues throughout the routes.

tour guides

Experienced tour guide on the motorcycle (with first aid and mechanical training) to cater your riding needs and be your trip companion.

technical and vehicle support

For touring in large group, technical support and support vehicle equipped with tools, spare parts, first-aid kit and spare motorcycle. The vehicle also has space for one non-functioning motorbike and/or participant in case of illness or accident. The tech support may be the driver or other with basic mechanical knowledge

Accomodation and Dining

Bed and breakfast in comfortable middle-class hotels, guesthouses or homestays, we will set as per your budget. Overnight stay in double, twin or single rooms (depends on customer's choice)

All-round support provided

Support with tour booking, visa application and insurance selection. We could alsocould assist with local authority matter providingadvise pertaining local procedure.

Our clients say

Seminggu yg penuh dgn aktiviti.jumaat hingga ahad lepas ke temasik memenuhi jemputan kahwin sepupu.isnin petang ke jemputan di manek urai jadi alasan saya dan tour guide maulana Abu Zahrim Ismail jelajah kelantan dan trengganu. eleeehhh setakat m'sia pun perlu tour guide ke? sangat perlu!!!!!sebab anda akan nampak segala ceruk yg selama hari ini anda x tahu pun kewujudan tempat2 ni. tqvm pak abu zahrim ismail atas ilmu dan pengalaman.tqvm en Farid Sbkmoto video2 menarik buat simpanan peribadi,tqvm sahabatku Redzuan Mohamad dan isteri memeriahkan pengalaman riding,kenalan baru ust nizam dan ustazah lamalifpharho dan en naim yg selalu vote lawak2 ku.mr wan harith owner SARANG mmg thorbaek.mr BRAPP fahmi serta abam syuk rabbit yg sudi melayan nafsu mkn kami.x lipa juga buat saudara YOYO mmg menghiburkan dgn segala info. #sakitbadandraggunaseminggu #sakitbadanygberbaloi #malaysialagicantik
Mohd Nizam Selamat Bobby
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Hall Read
Farid Sbkmoto Highly recommended. Pak Aboo org yg paling best utk Nature Guide. 👍👍
Farid SBKMoto
Terima kasih Pak Abu Zahrim Ismail for the riding, the coaching and the company. Tak lupa juga pada Fahmi, Mat and Din for your hospitality. Sungguh! geng Ganu mantap . Patut Pak Abu ulang alik KT tiap2 bulan. 😄
Amir Othman
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